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Safety is first of all:

Поездки в Чернобыль безопасны

Safety is first of all

On 26 of April 1986 the word ”Chernobyl” stood apart. This word is not less prominent even now, because many countries show their interest in Chernobyl. It is not surprisingly! Many people wish to see the abandoned military facilities, the power of nature after nuclear disaster and feel the nostalgia of the past. Who told you that time machine does not exist?

Almost 30 years have passed after the time when people had heard about the explosion on the fourth reactor in a blooming city Chernobyl. The mankind spent several years to understand that it was a national tragedy not only for the citizens of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia but for the whole world.

The tragedy brought a lot of pain to the mankind and the issue of safety is very important right now. According to the information provided by IAEA the radiation level is lower in hundreds of times than it was in 1986.

Due to the natural processes and eliminating works a lot of the damaged areas are safe now and the economical activity is held there.

All the reactors in Chernobyl were brought out of work in 2000, the plant itself needs government attention. A big step forward was the discharging of the spent nuclear fuel that was held during nine years.

The press service of State agency of Exclusion Zone told us that the radioactive background in Chernobyl Zone is as follows꞉

On the industrial site of the Nuclear Power Plant the radiation level is 61 micro-roentgens per hour (allowable rate – up to 140 micro-roentgens per hour).

In the exclusion zone the radiation level is 22 micro-roentgens per hour (allowable rate – up to 140 micro-roentgens per hour).

In Kiev the radiation level is 12 micro-roentgens per hour (the permissible rate of -30 micro-roentgens per hour).

According to the information mentioned above you can get a radiation doze that is several times lower than one you get during transatlantic flight, the X-ray procedure or a walk in a big city. There are places where the radiation level is lower than in Kyiv.

The Chernobyl accident accelerated the interaction of society on the subject of nuclear energy; it has increased the responsibility for the failure of radioactive safety and safety standards were toughen up.

All kinds of tours provided by Go2Chernobyl are tailored to be the most safe and interesting.

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