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Confinemend. Works over covering the fourth reactor with arch has started:

Арка, Чернобыль, Укрытие

        In Chernobyl APS has almost finished the works over covering the ‹‹Shelter›› object, bad famous fourth reactor that was destroyed during the accident in 1986.

         The whole constructions has weight of 36 000 tons, it is the biggest in the world. This unique engineering structure has titanic size꞉ 110 m height, 165 m length; it is higher than the statue of Liberty in America. The gigantic construction is moved with the help of hydraulic prop that are able to move the arch on 60 cm within one operating cycle.

         After the fourth reactor would be covered by the Arch the works over demolition of old sarcophagus and the works over radioactive and fuel materials will be started inside the Arch.

         Historical Facts. Company ‹‹Novarka›› has started building the Arch in 2012. Two French companies ‹‹Bouygues›› and ‹‹Vinci›› have been mutually working over this project.

         The object ‹‹Shelter›› will be demounted with the help of specific crane that is inside the Arch.

         It is supposed that the all works will be finished by the 28th of November 2016. On the 29th of November 2016 is the 30th anniversary of the old ‹‹Shelter›› object.

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