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When is it better to visit Chernobyl and Pripyat?:

Чернобыль, Припять, когда посетить, зима, весна, лето, осень

Winter, Summer, Spring, or Autumn?

If you have already bungee jumped from the 43-meter height somewhere in New Zealand, have explored and conquered all the “black slopes” of Europe, and skydiving is already like shopping for you, then this is the high time to visit the Exclusion Zone.

For some people tours to the ghost towns become more impressive than any adventure tourism they have tried before. Because it is a tour of emotions and memories. This trip tickles your nerves, because there are the same Khrushchev project buildings we live in now, the same layout of apartments, familiar furniture, familiar landscapes, the same park… You involuntarily shudder because THEY also DID NOT EXPECTED any danger, just like you now. This is real nuclear charge of emotions.

Often we get a question, when is it best to go on this excursion? We always answer: the main thing is to go on this excursion with professionals (as we are) and on legal basis, (we have all permissive documents). The time of year does not matter. We organize tours to Pripyat all the year round. The trip in January or July have their buzz.

1.а If you want to plunge into the cold post-apocalyptic world of a winter ghost town, we will do it for you. Making our way through drifts, we will visit more than 20 locations. So if you want to feel like a hero ofthe movie about life after the end of the world, feel free to register for the winter tour.







2.аAutumn landscapes are really fantastic here. Godforsaken forests and landscapes of the Exclusion zone inspire photographers all around the world, thus numerous tours are organised in fall. The bad-famous park of attractions in Pripyat is especially impressive in autumn…

Tours for two or more days are more popular during the warm time of the year. Our “high season” begins in March and lasts until October. Alas, we cannot make a picnic on the grass, but we promise you to have best time in comfortable weather conditions. By the way, the two-day “Exclusive” group tour includes spending the night in Chernobyl. Of course, in the summer it is both more comfortable and more pleasant.


3.аThe most emotional are probably the trips in April-May. We seem to plunge into the spring of 1986; we understand that THEN everything was the same as it is now – the weather, the sun over your head and nature. The time machine twists its wheel…

Honestly, any time of the year despite weather, atmospheric pressure, we visit more than 20 unforgettable locations (during a two-day and individual tour secret locations are included). We make hundreds of cool photos, discover facts and places that are unknown to mere mortals, we promise impressions that will stay in your memory forever and this trip will change your opinion about the catastrophe of 1986.


Let us sum up! Top-3 reasons to book the tour in winter:

– really extreme conditions,
– the post-apocalyptic world atmosphere,
– opportunity to book a tour for any favorite / convenient date.

In spring:

– it’s not cold anymore and it’s not hot yet,
– the atmosphere of the very spring 86 ‘,
– a trip through the abandoned villages of the Chernobyl zone will be a big discovery.

In summer:

– the most comfortable weather conditions,
– you can order 2-5 day tours,
– pay all your attention to details, without being distracted by the weather.


In the autumn:

– stunning scenery,
– there is a decline and abandonment of these places
– emotions for a long time not subside.

In fall:

– stunning scenery,
– you can feel the decay and abandonment of these places,
– emotions will not live you for a long time.

And if you book the tour in advance, you can also get a good discount.

If you are tired from the daily routine and you do not like ordinary excursions, you have come to the right place. Book an excursion to the zone on our website.

Here you will get the incredible emotions and life time memories.

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