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Approved by

The Head of State Department-Administration of the Exclusion Zone and the zone of absolute (mandatory) resettlement

Bobro D.H.


Rules for Foreign and domestic delegations to be complied with during their visit to the exclusion zone and the zone of absolute (mandatory) resettlement.

When visiting the exclusion zone all foreign and Ukrainian nationals shall be obliged to comply with the radiation safety rules, health and safety regulations, regime, approved program of staying in the exclusion zone, to move around only according to the prescribed routes and insured according to valid legislation.

Availability of the passport shall be required to cross the border of the exclusion zone at “Dytyatki” police and dosimetry control checkpoint.

During the visit to the exclusion zone it is totally prohibited to:

  • Carry any kind of weapons;
  • Drink liquors or take drugs;
  • Have meal and smoke in the open air;
  • Touch any structures or vegetation;
  • Sit or place photo and video equipment on the ground;
  • Take any items outside the zone;
  • Violate the dress code (open-type shoes, short trousers, skirts);

Stay in the zone without the officer responsible for the envoy.

All instructions of the envoy officer shall be binding for visitors. Photographing and filming on the designated route shall be subject to authorization of the envoy officer.

Foreign and Ukrainian nationals, who visit the exclusion zone voluntarily with any purpose, shall be aware of the fact, while staying in the area of the exclusion zone, they will be subject to external and internal exposure as a result of radioactive contamination of the environment (air, soil, water objects, and also building, transportation facilities, equipment, etc.)

Accordingly, I, participant of the delegation coming to the exclusion zone on a tour agree that the State Department – Administration of the exclusion zone shall not be liable for possible further deterioration of my health as a result of the visit to the exclusion zone.

If my private car, or photo, or video equipment get radioactively contaminated, I will lodge no claims against the State Department – Administration of the exclusion zone.

Agreed and accepted. Obliged to observe the above stated rules.



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