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Chernobyl in our time: what is it like?

For sure, you have seen the world-famous photos of the Ferris wheel from the abandoned city of Pripyat. In the atmosphere of this ghostly place there are many fantasy-disturbing stories. Photos of Chernobyl amaze with its simplicity and emptiness. This is a feature that attracts tourists from all over the world. No wonder, that the “Forbes” magazine called this place as the most unusual on the whole planet. Fans of acute emotions come to abandoned location to get a new dose of adrenaline and find answers to the questions that have been accumulating for more than 30 years.

What is Chernobyl like today?

Once, this place was a city of energy and young people. The average age of the inhabitants of Chernobyl was 26 years. But after the disaster this place became empty. Today, nothing reminds about former prospects here.

Chernobyl, photos of which can be seen on this page, is not completely a dead city, it has the remains of life. On the streets of the city you can still meet lonely people who stayed or came back here despite the prohibitions. In addition, on the streets there are station workers, who still serve it. Talkative people bring a bit of life to this place. Sometimes you even get the impression that you are not in the place of a global tragedy, but in an ordinary factory.

Pripyat — a ghost from the past

A walk along the Pripyat is a journey to a ghost town. It is here, the most frightening, disturbing the consciousness photos are made by tourists. Abandoned buildings, on the roofs of which trees are growing, a dilapidated school with hundreds of abandoned toys, an abandoned piano, almost destroyed amusement park, a Ferris wheel that does not work, a broken pool, street art of contemporary artists who decorate this place in style of Hiroshima.

Pripyat, photos of which were made by the most famous photographers in the world, amazes: here it is difficult to leave the camera out of your hands. Literally, every corner of this location seems to want being captured on horror shots. Only the stories of the guide and the garbage left by stalkers or marauders remind the fact, that you are not alone here.

The cities of the zone look no less intimidating and frightening in the photo than in life. Industrial facilities have a very photogenic look in all photos. That is why photographers like the location of such plan. And then, only fantasy matters. Everyone thinks out over interesting and exciting subjects for themselves.


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