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Radiation dosimeters and Geiger counters

Radiometer RKS 20.03 “Pripyat” - the necessary appliance in Your Tour to Chernobyl

If you are reading this, it means that you are already about to make up or have already made up your mind to visit the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. What are those peculiarities that make this Zone so matchless and one of a kind? This is an apocalypse that occurred not in a movie but in reality and we are all safe and sound now only because of the discipline of excellence, total dedication, and complete self-denial of those bold spirits who participated in rescue squads saving our planet from total pollution.

Nowadays there remained only a few spots, which are dangerous for visiting and the rest of the Zone is safe enough for touring especially if you travel along the paths blazed by our stalkers. To ensure your safety special equipment is required. The electronic part of it is the most important one. Before going on the most thrilling journey of your life we highly recommend everyone to buy a radiation dosimeter displayed for sale at our website. Let’s have a look at the one listed here.

Radiometer RKS 20.03 “Pripyat” — the Main Characteristics

This radiometer was designed in Ukraine for individual and shared use:

  • to measure the power of dose equivalent for background radiation;

  • to measure the beta particles fluence rate;

  • to measure specific activity in liquid and granular matters.

This is one of the most popular household radiometers beginning from the 90s and till the present day. This appliance has an option for the measurement of the fluence rate of beta particles, which had been an innovative technology for household dosimeters at that time. In order to measure the indicated parameter, it was necessary to measure EDR (gamma) in beta mode, then you had to remove a metal filter cap from a rear panel, then you needed to measure the fluence rate of beta and gamma particles together and at the end, manual subtraction performance is required. Also, this device is equipped with a switch of alarm sounder and check button of a battery charge that reads out voltage value of battery power. It was a progressive option for its time.

Dosimeter-Radiometer MKS-05 “Terra P” — the Main Purposes

This reasonably priced appliance was invented for control of radiation situation, for determination of fallout contamination of objects, and radiation exposure of a user. This user-friendly device is designed for the evaluation of background radiation and radiological pollution of living quarters, welfare items, clothing, soil level, and foodstuff.


  • Power measurement of dose equivalent of gamma radiation.

  • Measurement of equivalent exposure of gamma radiation.

  • Evaluation of surface-level contamination with beta radionuclides.

  • Clock and alarm clock.

Supply Package:

  • Dosimeter-radiometer MKS-05 “Terra P”.

  • Two AAA batteries.

  • Maintenance guide.

GO2CHERNOBYL — the Best Place to Buy Your Dosimeter-Radiometer MKS-05 “Terra”

This professional dosimeter-radiometer has also another name “Terra O” under which it is exported to 70 countries. It is designed for official measurement, which measures the level of gamma background, beta contamination, accumulated dose, and time of its accumulation. Operational evaluation is performed within 10 seconds. This dosimeter is a tool for measuring technology and can be used with respect to adjustable metrology. This device is similar to “Terra P” in many features but has better functionality. An additional feature that the previous model does not have is a measurement of accumulation time of dose equivalent.

All these dosimeters for sale can be obtained here at this website. Join our troop of stalkers on their way to the sinister Exclusion Zone and equip yourself with the best devices for the best protection from radiation. If you are thinking about buying this appliance, get in touch with our managers and they will provide you with all the necessary information.