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Chernobyl T-Shirts

Chernobyl — The Place You Will Never Forget. Buy Chernobyl T-shirts to Remember It

Many of us are not content with an everyday smooth life. Some of us settle this matter diving, climbing the mountains, jumping with a parachute, or even gambling. But all these activities are poorly compared with our offer to visit the real post-apocalyptic world with wreckages of human civilization. When taking a closer look at it we understand that the Chernobyl disaster is unique in all its aspects. This is the only place (except Hiroshima and Nagasaki) that underwent a radiation ecological disaster within a huge territory. This one-of-a-kind spot is still keeping the signs of former patterns of life now laying in ruins and being totally in tatters.

This world of desolated cyberpunk was brought about by a tragedy that took place in April 1986 in Kiev region. The 4th power generating unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded and caused many victims followed by tremendous radioactive pollution of environmental surroundings. The whole territory became an Exclusion Zone and was forbidden to enter for anyone except special rescue squads. Today the situation has changed. The level of radiological contamination has dropped to an acceptable level and remained only in a few certain places within the Zone. The rest part of this territory has normal radiation background.

The Best Chernobyl Tour Company

If you have ever dreamed to see the Exclusion Zone with your own eyes, then our team can help you make it happen. Tours to Chernobyl are becoming more and more popular. Many guests from abroad visit it and after make a lot of recommendations for their friends to do the same. Please keep in mind that all our guests have never suffered any accidents within the Zone since they always complied with instructions provided by our guides.

With our company, you have a chance to visit Chernobyl free of charge. In order to do this, you need to find and bring with you 4 people who are willing to go there. Once you do that you will go there completely for free. Another moment is if you order a tour at least one month in advance you will get a discount of 17%. It will be possible if you make a full prepayment in advance including the discount of 17%. Our prices are the lowest possible among all official tours to Chernobyl. If you get across an official tour to the Zone that offers prices lower than we do, then we are ready to refund the difference in the amount of 110%.

Chernobyl T-Shirt

We are proud to admit that many of our guests have become frequenters in the Zone bringing with them their relatives and friends. Like any place of interest, this Exclusion Zone is not an exception and has many attributes proper and immanent to it. One of these hallmarks is a souvenir of some kind. In our case, we are glad to introduce you a unisex Chernobyl tee shirt. To be more precise there is a row of T-shirts and sweatshirts presented at our website. All of them have different patterns depicted on their front part, for example:

  • T-shirt/sweatshirt “Chernobyl Stop” — the sign of an open palm figuring “no more Chernobyl”.

  • T-shirt/sweatshirt “Prometheus”. There is a design of “Prometheus” holding flames above him — the titan who defied Gods and gifted the Fire to people.

  • T-shirt/sweatshirt “Chernobyl Tree” — a gloomy tree stripped of its leaves, symbolizing the look of our Nature after the nuclear explosion.

  • T-shirt/sweatshirt “Reactor” — the actual symbol of the nuclear pile that caused everything that we have there now.

Our prices are quite affordable. And if you have any questions about our merchandise you are welcome to chat with our managers online!