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7 years work experience

We have 7 years of experience in organizing tours to the Chernobyl zone. There are thousands of satisfied customers who have become our friends. During this period of time we have organized tours for the citizens of Ukraine, Russia, the USA, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Israel, Finland, Belarus and other countries. We have received a lot of positive feedback from people through the media, our website and social networks.

110% Quality Guarantee

We are responsible for our services because we value our reputation and company name. Go2Chernobyl team is confident in the high quality their services. We are the only company that is ready to provide our customers with a guarantee of a high quality tours to Chernobyl and Pripyat. If you find an official tour to Chernobyl and Pripyat for a price that is lower than ours and you will be not satisfied with the quality of our services, we are ready to regain the difference between the prices.

FULL-SCALE TOUR Excursion program

As a part of the tour we offer a guided tour of the most intense, so that you will be able to satisfy your curiosity.

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Only here you can pay just 35% of the price for booking. We use different payment services. We follow the rule꞉ ”Optimal price level”. Our prices for tours to Chernobyl and Pripyat are formed according to your interests .If you find a cheaper price contact us and we will make you an additional 7% discount.

24/7 working for you Customers have the opportunity to obtain comprehensive advice from our diversified management and guides at any time.

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Scheduled one-day excursion

The next trip:
  • From Kiev to the USSR and back in one day

  • Top 25 great locations of the Chernobyl zone

  • Full package of information from professional guides

  • Megacool photos are guaranteed

  • Dosimetric control

from 89 USD 119 USD

Scheduled two-day excursion

The next trip:
  • Two days in the Chernobyl zone

  • 5 times more locations + secret objects

  • Information that you won’t find on the Internet

  • Spend the night in the hotel of Chernobyl

  • Safety is guaranteed

from 249 USD 275 USD

Individual excursion

The next trip: any day
  • Only you and your friends

  • Duration: from 1 to 5 days

  • Access to secret objects and materials

  • Shooting movies, commercial, clips

  • Excursion inside the Chernobyl NPP (optional)

from 51 USD 82 USD



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and get a chance to get a free ticket to «CHERNOBYL» national museum team is 100% sure we provide you with high-quality service.

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Radiation background

ChNPP 39 μР/ч
Pripyat 87 μР/ч
Chernobyl 17 μР/ч
Checkpoint Dityatki 10 μР/ч
Kiev 12 μР/ч
Moscow 11 μР/ч
New York 12 μР/ч

In the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone attacked a group of foreign tourists!

Chernobyl has always beckoned with its mystery and history of tourists of different ages and nationalities. Interest to the Exclusion Zone is growing every year and there are no less people wishing to visit this place. So it happened with a group of ...

Miniseries from HBO and SKY and my impressions from what I just saw

Chernobyl is the name that is associated with the worst technological catastrophe in the history of mankind. But until April 26, 1986 at 1 p.m 23.58 this town “was a peaceful home” for thousands of people in the Soviet Union. Perhaps this ...

Travelling from Slovakia to Ukraine. The destination point is Chernobyl Zone. How it was. Tour to Chernobyl and Pripyat on exclusive cars. "ZastavaklubSlovenije"

Chernobyl exclusion zone: would it be impressive to visit it?

The exclusion zone near Chernobyl has been no longer a closed territory. It is a place, where you can make an unusual and extreme trip. Bright emotions, extreme and unforgettable impressions are guaranteed during such trip. Chernobyl tours are made not only by desperate stalkers, but also by tourists who want to diversify their leisure time.

What is Chernobyl like today?

Why does this place attract tourists from all over the world? The exclusion zone is ghost towns, in which there are no inhabitants left. It is signs of the villages, where nobody lives anymore. And high-rise buildings, from which no laughter come, but only a dull echo... Chernobyl tour is a trip to the exclusion zone, which has suffered the most intense contamination with radionuclides, because of the catastrophe on CNPP that was recognized as the biggest in the history of nuclear power.  After that, more than two hundred thousand people left their homes in order to never back there again.

Each of us has lots of questions and prejudices about the exclusion zone. Chernobyl tour, price for which in our company is much lower than in others, will open the veil of secrecy and will help to find answers to some of them. If follow the rules and listen to the guides, the trip to one of the most interesting and exciting locations on our planet will be quite safe.

Today, it is not a dead zone, there are workers who serve the station and sometimes it is possible to meet people on the streets. You can see the destroyed 4th reactor and “Shelter” above it from several angles.

In order to look at a really dead city, you need to go to Pripyat. It is better to not being separated from the excursion group here. It is abandoned houses, a deserted amusement park and a dilapidated stadium. Feeling from the walk in a dead city is hard to forget, this is what will remain with you for the whole life. Here, as nowhere else, you can feel the tragedy of the Chernobyl disaster.

Another interesting object is the mysterious “Duga”, situated in the place of the former secret object. In Soviet times, it was built in order to receive signals about the launching of intercontinental missiles. This is a unique object — the only one that was saved in the world, the other two dismantled, but it impossible to do with the “Duga” in the exclusion zone.

Why should you entrust your trip to Go2chernobyl Company?

Chernobyl and Pripyat tour is not a walk through the chamomile field. It is important to entrust its organization and conduction to experienced professionals in order to, firstly, get the maximum benefit and pleasure, and secondly, not to be exposed to unnecessary danger.

Here are at least 5 reasons why should you choose Go2chernobyl for organizing your extreme travel:

  1. We are organizing trips from Kiev to Chernobyl for more than 7 years. Not only Ukrainians take part in our trips, but also visitors from abroad.
  2. Experienced guides. Chernobyl and Pripyat tour with a bad guide is money thrown away. Our guides are experienced professionals who know everything about the exclusion zone and even more. They will answer all questions with pleasure, tell secrets and mysteries, which others prefer to keep silent about.
  3. Saturated excursion routes. We develop them in order to show you as many interesting places as possible. Chernobyl tour is a unique location in which you have never been. No wonder, that the “Forbes” magazine called it the most unusual place on Earth.
  4. Best Chernobyl tours price on the market. We take care about making more convenient conduction of payments for you as well as planning your leisure time, only with us the prepayment of the tour is 25%. Chernobyl tours prices are formed taking into account your wishes and expectations.
  5. We are working around the clock. Our guides are ready to answer all your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How to plan your trip?

Chernobyl tours, price of which is much lower than in other companies on the market, are held regularly. You can choose one of the suitable options: a one-day or two-day tour as part of a group or an individual excursion with your friends or colleagues.

You will get a safe full-scale route to the most interesting places in the zone, many interesting facts and stories from the guide, the ability to take photos and videos. By choosing a two-day excursion, you will stay at a hotel in Chernobyl and visit secret objects.

Chernobyl tours price on an individual order is a bit higher, but you can participate in the preparation of the program for 1-5 days, get access to secret locations and information materials, you can take comments from employees, shoot videos, music clips and programs.

Pripyat tour with Go2chernobyl is guarantee of safety, comfort and extreme. And because of these three components, customers love us and recommend to their friends.