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Tours around Pripyat and Chernobyl

Have you ever dreamed to see an apocalypse in reality without any danger for you? If yes, then you are in the right place. Our site is designed for those who want to visit the best-guided tour or trip around the Chernobyl zone and Pripyat located not far from Kiev, Ukraine. If you are going to visit Chernobyl and city Pripyat near Kiev, Ukraine, using the best-guided tours offered by our team or you don’t know how to travel there, then you have found the most relevant site dedicated to all suchlike trips and excursions. Tourism to Chernobyl in Ukraine has become very popular nowadays. An excursion or visiting Chernobyl has become possible since the Exclusion Zone hasn’t been a restricted area for quite some time now. Any tour to Chernobyl is suitable for English-speaking people as well: our guides are fluent in it. They also speak Polish, German, Spanish, and Arabic.

This is the territory where striking emotions, extreme and ultimate experiences are ensured and inevitable. Tours to Chernobyl and Pripyat disaster zones now are available for everyone who is eager for visiting them. In the beginning, right after this place became accessible again, it was ransacked with marauders. Later some reckless and dare-devil stalkers wandered about the Zone breaking trails and mapping the routes despite the prohibition to enter the closed area. Today people can go into the Chernobyl zone in case if their tours are authorized.

Touring Chernobyl

Well, and now when you are about to enter the Zone what awaits you ahead? A trip to Chernobyl is a journey to an Exclusion zone that underwent total radiation pollution of the environment. The whole landscape resembles something average between the fallout aftermath and the world of cyberpunk overwhelmed with Nature. The mixture of “Mad Max” and “Johnny Mnemonic”. Acceptable radiation level now makes it possible to visit the Chernobyl exclusion zone. This is the territory that can be truly considered as the one-of-a-kind place within the whole world. Looking at the whole magnitude of events that happened here and watching the results of these developments, the question — “how much does it cost to go for Chernobyl tour” somehow becomes a matter of no great importance. Whatever the price is it is well worth to visit Chernobyl. And our prices are still the lowest possible among the rest who offer similar travels.

Our guides will lead you along the tour circuits, which are blazed by our stalkers out of safety concerns. There are patches of terrain that still have increased radiation background. But if you hard-and-fast abide by the rules required by our guides and common sense then you will be completely safe in the most captivating locations in the world. This is the location where you may get across some lonely local residents who returned home after some period of time or even regular workers who maintain a station.

If you want to have a look at a real breathless city, then you need to go through Pripyat. This is the place where you wouldn’t like to drop behind your squad. Decrepit apartment blocks, desolated amusement park, and decayed stadium still exist as patterns of a fallen civilization.

The Reasons to Visit the Zone with GO2CHERNOBYL Team

Planning your adventure in the Zone it’s important to have with you a tried and true guide who will lead you through and look after you should anything wrong happens. Your trip to Chernobyl eventually may cost more if you disobey the rules or if you behave in a way as if you know something more than our guides do, trying to step out of safe routes.

Let’s list some features that make our company preferable among others:

  • We arrange journeys to Pripyat and Chernobyl for more than eight years for local customers and for guests from foreign countries.

  • Our guides are the most experienced veterans. They wandered every possible and impossible route there and know about this Zone every fact including gossips and fairy tales.

  • Eventful tour circuits. They are mapped in a way to show you as much as possible within a scheduled period of time.

  • Now when you ask — “How much do Chernobyl tours cost? ” we may reply that our prices are the best for all customers. Our team always takes care of your convenience when you settle payments. Only we offer a prepayment of no more than 35% from the whole amount of payment. All prices are determined taking into consideration customers’ expectations.

  • We work on a round-the-clock basis. Our managers are ready to respond to all of your questions 24/7.

How to Arrange Your Tour?

All excursions to the Exclusion Zone are performed regularly. There are several suitable variants that you may select: a one-day or two-day trip within a cross-function team or an individual option when you make your journey with your friends and colleagues. You will have an opportunity to listen to fascinating stories from our guide and to make a lot of commemorative pictures and videos. In case when you decide to have a two-days option you will stay at a hotel in Chernobyl and may visit some covert facilities. If you choose an individual trip you will pay a bit more but you pay for quality because in this case, you may take part in scheduling your own itinerary from 1 to 5 days and will be allowed to some concealed locations including video recording and photo making. In fact, if you order an individual tour for 10 or more persons it will cost less for 1 person than in an ordinary group.

Join our troop of stalkers and feel the sinister grandeur of the Zone!

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Radiation background
ChNPP 39 μР/ч
Pripyat 87 μР/ч
Chernobyl 17 μР/ч
Checkpoint Dityatki 10 μР/ч
Kiev 12 μР/ч
Moscow 11 μР/ч
New York 12 μР/ч
War and occupation of Chernobyl

Tours will be resumed after the stabilization of the situation in Ukraine. For all questions, write to the mail: go2chernobyl@ukr.net


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Tours will be resumed after the stabilization of the situation in Ukraine.
For all questions, write to the mail: go2chernobyl@ukr.net