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Chernobyl virtual tour 3D online

Chernobyl virtual tour: a safe way to see the exclusion zone

Chernobyl virtual tour is an opportunity to touch the mystery you heard about from movies, programs and computer games. The exclusion zone, Pripyat, legendary Polissya Hotel, Palace of Culture Energetik, dilapidated kindergarten and abandoned residential buildings — all this you can see without leaving home. Virtual tour of Chernobyl zone is a safe way to see with your own eyes the abandoned places, which was called as the most unusual and extreme location in the world.

Why is it worth to look at Chernobyl virtual tour?

Of course, a trip to these unusual places is the best way of an original pastime. But if for now, you cannot go on such a trip, an online walking through Chernobyl will be an excellent alternative.

The catastrophe in nuclear energy and inexorable time left a deep mark on this area. Here you can see abandoned dolls disfigured by years, dilapidated houses, abandoned personal stuff, the “remnants” of one of the most promising cities of Ukraine. Chernobyl virtual tour will give an opportunity to see all the consequences of the disaster with your own eyes.

This zone causes lots of myths and legends. What is hidden behind the barbed wire today? Are all the stories that we heard in childhood and in adult age true? For a long period of time this territory was under the lock. But today you can visit it even online.

Ghostly Pripyat

Pripyat virtual tour is an excellent chance to see the abandoned dead city with your own eyes. If you can meet single inhabitants and some station workers in Chernobyl, then in Pripyat there is no one. Here the devastated and abandoned houses bring the spirit of real horror. 

This is a real city from the past. The time has stopped here on a sad, known to all of us date. After it, the world has become different. Pripyat was the youngest city of those times in Ukraine. It was it who took the brunt of the disaster. Today, this is one big and too realistic scene from a horror movie.

In Pripyat you can see:

  • half-destroyed houses;
  • medical-sanitary units with broken windows, bare walls and abandoned medicines on the floor;
  • school with scattered toys, textbooks and notebooks;
  • an amusement park with carousels and attractions that can frighten only with their appearance.

By the way, it was the Ferris wheel, which did not make a single turn, became a kind of symbol of the dead city. Here you can see wild animals that settled the city instead of people who left it. The ghost town covered with plants, trees and bushes.

Chernobyl and Pripyat virtual tour amazes imagination no less than real travel. Once beautiful avenues and streets turned into thicket, and in the abandoned houses only wind is walking. This industrial city leaves an unforgettable impression at the first sight.

Chernobyl virtual tour is your chance to spend time in unusual and original way, without leaving your home.


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