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Chernobyl virtual tour 3D online

Chernobyl Fallout Zone 3D Online Tour

There are many places of interest on our planet that are worth visiting but most of them are something that you may see somewhere else. The exception is the Seven Wonders of the world — these artifacts are the only of their kind. But there is a unique spot on Earth that can be truly considered as the world-beater still unrivaled despite the notoriety of its origin. Furthermore — it is popular precisely because its origin is a nuclear disaster that can only be compared with a nuclear strike on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Seven Wonders of the world are something that had been created on purpose, whereas in contrast the appearance of this Exclusion Zone was brought about by a tremendous accident when the 4th power generating unit of nuclear power plant exploded and contaminated environmental surroundings making them unfit for human habitation.

Time went by and almost the whole exclusion territory has become suitable for visiting again in fact you are equipped accordingly and have experienced guides with you since some patches are still hazardous to visit. Still, there are many reasons why some of us are reluctant to visit this Zone in reality and prefer to choose a virtual tour to Chernobyl instead of stalking along those paths that were blazed by local guides. Many of us are circumspect and wary to visit places with still remaining excessive background radiation, some of us just don’t have time or an opportunity to visit Chernobyl in person but still have the desire to do it. For these cases, we are glad to introduce our 3D tour within the Exclusion Zone. Mysteries of abandoned infrastructure can be discovered by you sitting in a comfortable armchair instead of bothering yourself with everything referred to the actual visiting. Of course, it cannot be compared with a real wandering but still you will get a general idea and overall perspective of everything located there but without our guides’ support and commentaries.

Chernobyl Virtual Tour — Main Landmarks

Our 3D tour includes almost every landmark that can be visited in reality. Let’s revisit the most popular of them:

  • Desolated town Pripyat without any resident living in it. Entrance to buildings is prohibited out of safety concerns.

  • The Red Forest overwhelmed with nuclear contamination afflicted by the explosion of the 4th electric generating set.

  • Deserted school and kindergarten.

  • Pripyat's observation wheel, that has never been used.

  • Swimming pool.

  • Sunken jetty.

  • Stadium.

  • Cinema “Prometheus”.

  • City council that took on the role of the first emergency reception center.

  • Hotel “Polissya” that was used as a vantage point for helicopter operations.

  • Chernobyl nuclear power plant with a monument near an administration building.

  • Arch-shaped confinement that covered the Shelter object.

  • The monument “To Those Who Saved the World”.

Where to Buy the Best Chernobyl Tour

Our company welcomes you to visit Chernobyl and Pripyat in reality without any danger for you. To make it all safe and sound there are some requirements for clothes, footgear, equipment and your behavior within the restricted area. Hard-and-fast adherence to the rules demanded by our stalkers will make your journey in the world of apocalypses smooth, easy, and never forgettable.

One of the opportunities that we may offer is the possibility to go to Chernobyl for free. All you need to do is very common — you need to muster a squad of teammates, no less than 4 persons who are ready to roam this Zone and take them with you. In this case, your travel is totally free of charge. Another feature that makes us a preferable option is that you will have a discount in the amount of 17% from the whole volume of payment. To achieve this option you should order a tour one month prior to the date of your trip with a complete prepayment that takes into account the discount of 17%. Besides, if you find an authorized tour to the Exclusion Zone that costs less than our offer then we will gladly refund you 110% of such a difference in payment.

Welcome to Chernobyl and Pripyat bravehearts!

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