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Hello Friend! If you ever thought about how to diversify your trip, get bright emotions and unforgettable experience - you definitely need to visit the Chernobyl exclusion zone!

This place is in Ukraine, the whole world knows about it!

The «Forbes» magazine called Chernobyl the most extreme and original place.

A lot of movies were shot there, hundreds of books were written about Chernobyl and locations of Chernobyl were used in many well-known computer games.

The tragic events that took place there have left an indelible mark in the history of the world. Time has stopped there in April 26, 1986...

Now Chernobyl zone of alienation and its jewel a ghost town Pripyat - are safe to visit, but they are not available to a common man. The zone within the radius of 30 km is a closed object of high national importance.

For you, we are ready to reveal the mysterious world of exclusion Zone in our exclusive official tour. Thousands of satisfied customers from around the world have felt the charm of this monument to the disaster. Secure - extreme - comfort - these are three main components of our activity.

Book a trip now and soon you'll be able to take part in the stunning journey of your life.

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One-day planned group excursion

Nearest trip:
  • 26 Jul


Full-scale safe trip. You will get full information about the area. You will visit the most interesting places. A lot of interesting information from our guide. A lot of interesting Mega Photos - guaranteed.





Two-day planned group excursion

Nearest trip:
  • 28 Jul


Safety is guaranteed. Spend the night in a hotel of Chernobyl. For those who really love thrills. Information that you wont find in the internet. All secret objects are opened for you.





Individual excursion
(1-50 people)

Nearest trip: Any day


Only you and your friends (from 1 to 50 persons). From 1 to 5 days. Best price for large groups. Access to secret objects and materials. Taking photos, movies, commercials and clips. Scientific research, interviews with employees.





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Alexey 25.05.2016

Alex 28.07.2016

Hi everybody. Thanks to the nice organizers of this project, on 25 of July I hve finally gone to CEZ within the excursion group (as promised 17 people).The impressions that had left were very positive despite the pain and tears which are filling this place. I really want to come back to Chernobyl like a lot of people but within an individual excursion…Thank organizers very much!

Olga 28.07.2016

The trip was great. I can’t imagine better way of the first visit to the Zone. Oleg – is a nice fellow, he is very intelligent and responsible organizer and just a nice person. He has chosen the best timetable for us, the best transport and GREAT guide. A lot of interesting and important information, we had seen as much interesting places as possible. We have absorbed the atmosphere of this unique place.

Terry 20.06.2016

It’s cool, it was worth it. I am recommending go2chernobyl.com to some friends coming over in September.

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Excursion to Chernobyl and Pripyat from Kiev

In Ukraine there is a place that is famous all over the world for the tragic events that occurred there in 1986. That is Chernobyl exclusion zone. After many years, tourists from all over the world have an opportunity to make a trip to Chernobyl, visit this site for informational purposes. Famous magazine «Forbes» admitted that Zone is the most extreme and original way of spending time. However, trips to Pripyat are very popular.

Our company organizes fact-finding tours to Chernobyl. Duration of the tour may be 1-5 days. We are confident that this way of spending time will give you a lot of emotions, leave in the memory thrills and incredible feeling. Trip to Chernobyl takes you into the center of the tragic events; you will see firsthand the monument of disaster that once was made by people.

For a long time the Chernobyl zone has been completely closed. There was no life here, but today it has become a unique nature reserve of recent years. Chernobyl Tour is performed with special permits, the issuance of which authorizes the State Agency of Ukraine for the management of the Exclusion Zone. Before entering the regime object, tourists get familiar with the rules of conduct, the implementation of which will ensure safety. You will see the ghost town of Pripyat, life there has completely stopped in 1986. After the tragedy, many years have passed. Today there are many tons of radioactive wastes that have been buried under concrete. However, even an increased background radiation zone could not turn it into a desert. There is life in Chernobyl, and it is a kind of natural reserve. There are animals such as wild bears, foxes, wolves, bisons, elks and others. Radioactivity has not taken authority over wildlife. And, despite the fact that people have left this place – their home – long time ago, the nature here is thriving and green spaces are expanding. Even the Pripyat which was a big city yesterday looks like a jungle today.

Chernobyl tours are available for all residents of our country, as well as for foreign countries. We understand that the main issue for all is the issue of security. Our company ensures that the tour to Pripyat which is organized along a special route is completely safe for human health. There is really high radiation level in some places of exclusion zone, so the tourists must be adhered to the selected route and follow the rules, which will be introduced by the guide. The radiation level in the places that are opened for visitors is within normal limits. Special organization is carefully monitoring the radiation level. So the trip to Chernobyl will be fun and exciting adventure, if you go on a tour with our company staffed by trained professionals who organize tours. We love our work so much and we will do our best to organize the best tours and make everyone enjoy their time here.

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