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OFFER to conclude an agreement the with this organization about visiting of the Exclusion Zone and Zone of Unconditional (obligatory) resettlement.

This Agreement is in electronic form, it shall be considered concluded and shall take effect from the date of acceptance. Acceptance of the Offer constitutes your full, irrevocable and unconditional adherence to all the terms of the agreement, without any - any exceptions or restrictions.


"Offer" - the present proposal go2chernobyl.com Internet service, in the name of a natural person, to conclude an agreement to organize a trip to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and Zone of Unconditional (obligatory) resettlement, on the material terms and conditions contained in the offer, including all its applications and additions accepted services through the implementation of payment value in the manner prescribed by the Treaty;

"Acceptance" - full, unconditional and irrevocable acceptance of individual conditions of this Offer through the implementation of the cost of payment services in the manner prescribed by the Treaty;

"Client" - a natural person who orders the organization of visiting to the Chernobyl zone of alienation and zone of unconditional (obligatory) resettlement, as well as persons on whose behalf, within the existing powers of the Customer concludes with the Internet - go2chernobyl.com service contract for the organization study tour in the zone;

"Agreement" - an agreement on the organization of a study tour to the Chernobyl zone of alienation and zone of unconditional ( obligatory) resettlement, which is with the Client in accordance with the terms of the Offer at the time of acceptance ( acceptance) the conditions of the Offer by the Client;

"The organization of a study tour to the Chernobyl zone of alienation and zone of unconditional (obligatory) resettlement" - a service provided by the Internet - go2chernobyl.com service in accordance with the terms of the Agreement;

"Basic information" - information, wich including the Client's means of communication and the Internet - go2chernobyl.com service go2chernobyl.com published on the website.

The content and order of acceptance of offer

1. This offer is an offer online - go2chernobyl.com service, to conclude the Agreement to the Client.

2. Client for conclusion of the agreement recorded in the system of payment online or at the reservation go2chernobyl.com site, leaving necessary for further processing of the order data.

Customer self - controlled system of payment and booking, and also makes the choice of desired species and lists of services, creating an application. To select the Client uses basic information, as well as any other available to it information on the services provided on site go2chernobyl.com.

3. An application formed by the Client, its his order and it should be treated in advance online - go2chernobyl.com service. On-line payment and booking system receives a request only after the Client acquainted with the terms of this Offer and other relevant information related to conclusion of the agreement. By pressing the "Pay" button or " Apply ", the online payment system and reservation Client confirms that he is familiar with all the terms and conditions of this offer, including the procedure for the adoption of treatments, application conditions of the Agreement, the Base, the information procedure acceptance of this offer. Any action by the Client after the acceptance of the Offer will be carried out in the framework of the Agreement.

4. For any additional information related to the provision of Internet services rendered - services go2chernobyl.com client may appeal to go2chernobyl.com site administration through the means of communication specified in section "Contacts".

5. Once the client application in the system of on-line payment and booking, it is to be treated go2chernobyl.com administrator. As a result of processing the administration go2chernobyl.com site sends a confirmation to the Client application and payment service or a reasoned refusal to confirm the application. If you can not confirm the application go2chernobyl.com site administration has the right to supply customers on a waiting list.

6. Confirming the request, the administration go2chernobyl.com site offers customers a choice of convenient payment option for him the cost of services, as well as the format and invoice system.

7. Adoption of the (acceptance) Offer a correct understanding to sign an agreement on the organization of visits to the exclusion zone and zone of unconditional (obligatory) resettlement.

8. By accepting this Offer Client confirms that:

- he understood all the essential terms of the Agreement;

- he has all the powers to conclude the contract, including - on behalf of the persons referred to in its application. Any liability associated with the authority to sign the agreement, the responsibility of the Customer;

- it is clear procedure for the provision of services;

- he and all the persons referred to in the application, received all the necessary information about the services provided by the Internet - service go2chernobyl.com;

- he checked all the conditions of the Agreement and agree with them;

- he knows all conditions relating to the amendment of the Agreement, its termination, including, but not limited to - the application of the rules of penalties.

9. The client agrees go2chernobyl.com site administration to the processing of his personal data with the further inclusion of personal data in the customer base (according to the Law of Ukraine" On Protection of Personal Data"), as well as the transfer of data to organizations that carry out verification of the identity associated with the regime and pass control to the Chernobyl exclusion zone and zone of unconditional (obligatory) resettlement.

the organization of visits to the exclusion zone and zone of unconditional (obligatory) resettlement

Internet - the vacation service and go2chernobyl.com entertainment. (Hereinafter - Organizer) on the organization of study visits to the Chernobyl zone of alienation and zone of unconditional (obligatory) resettlement (hereinafter - the area) on the one hand, and any natural person, hereinafter referred to as - the Client, acting on its own behalf, as well as in the framework of existing his office - on behalf of other persons, list of which Customer shall specify in the application, on the other hand, hereinafter individually referred to as "Party" and collectively the" Parties", have concluded this Agreement on the organization of leisure and entertainment, namely - Trips to the alienation of the Chernobyl zone and zone of unconditional (obligatory) resettlement (hereinafter - the area).


1.1. The organizer provides for a set fee to the Customer, according to its paid online - application organization of the trip to the Chernobyl exclusion zone.


2.1. Cost of services for the organization of trips to the Chernobyl exclusion zone organizer client determines the application, to be paid by the service online - payments or indicate on the invoice a trip organizer.

2.2. Payable cost of the trip is determined based on the established site go2chernobyl.com prices administration (as in UAH and in foreign currency (in translation on the hryvnia) - for non-residents). Payment is made by the Client by means of online - payments go2chernobyl.com site or on the basis of accounts Trip Organiser on the date specified in the bill. Residents of Ukraine make payment in UAH. Non-residents have the right to choose a different payment currency specified in its application.

2.3. The date of payment is the date of transfer of funds to the current account of the Organizer.

2.4. Change the value of the services defined in the lead arranger, after the conclusion of this agreement is possible only in case of significant change of circumstances related to the deterioration of the terms of the trip, travel dates, an unexpected increase in transportation tariffs, the introduction of new or increase existing tax rates and fees and other mandatory payments, a sharp exchange rate of national currency, and on other grounds provided for in this agreement and current legislation of Ukraine.

In case of increase in the cost of travel of up to 20 percent of the invoice by the Organizer, it is the change in value of the Organizer may, not later than 48 hours prior to travel. The client is obliged within one business day of receipt of the notification the organizer of an increase in the cost of travel for no more than 20 percent, to make additional payment in the manner prescribed by paragraph. 2.3 of this contract

In case of excess of the cost of travel by more than 20 per cent of the value of the invoice by the Organizer, the Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract and the Organizer is obliged to return it all previously received funds except for the cost of the travel reservation costs.

2.5. Organizer in case of failure of the Client to book a trip, have the right to ensure that it equivalent to a trip to a different date.


3.1. The organizer shall make every effort to:

3.1.1 . Provide Client documents necessary to confirm the status of the person having the right to attend the Zone;

3.1.2. Ensure the provision of services under this Agreement;

3.1.3. Provide the Customer before the conclusion of this agreement, information on:

- Basic requirements for registration of exit/entry documents (passport, permission to enter/exit zone), including information on the date of their registration;

- Medical warnings on the implementation of the trip, including contraindications due to certain diseases, especially the physical state (disabled) and clients of age to participate in the trip;

3.1.4. At the Customer's request further provide the following information:

- travel - program;

- characteristic vehicles engaged in the carriage;

- hotel - characteristic, other locations for visitors to the Zone, including their location, classification under the laws of Ukraine, information about the conformity assessment requirements set by the services of the hotel, information about the rules of temporary residence, date and manner of payment of hotel services (for individual customers);

- About customs of the local population, monuments of nature, history, culture and other display objects that are under special protection, state of the environment, sanitary and epidemiological situation;

- o rules of entry into the Zone;

- o forms and methods of providing power during the trip;

-o date and time of the beginning and end of the trip, its duration;

- for information on the minimum number of clients in the group, the timing of informing the customer that the trip did not take place due to shortfalls group;

- o trip price and the exercise of payment;

- o means of communication with the organizer of the persons authorized to receive customer complaints.

- take all possible measures for the organization of the client's security.

3.2. The Customer undertakes to:

- timely pay for the services of the Organizer;

- in due time to arrive at their group gathering;

- Provide reliable information on available facts of violation of Client and/or any of the following with it the law of persons, customs and visa, if they occurred in the past;

- Comply with the requirements of current legislation of Ukraine in relation to visits to areas, customs and traditions of the local population, not to disturb the public order and the requirements of the laws in force in the territory of the Zone, to comply with the house rules and fire safety in places of accommodation and location;

- Pay for the costs actually incurred by the Organizer in case of cancellation of this contract before the trip;

- To compensate the losses caused to the Organizer their trip misconduct or illegal actions of these persons with the Client;

- Independently to compensate losses caused by persons performing services for accommodation, food, delivery, etc., included in the cost of the trip.

- Timely and in full make payments for the use of additional services in the areas of residence and stay;

3.3. The organizer has the right to:

- to demand compensation for damages caused by the Client, in full;

- change the sequence of the tours;

- to transfer the right to organize the trip to others without notice to the Client;

- cancel the trip;

3.4. The client has the right to:

- on receipt of this Treaty arising from services;

- To receive objective and comprehensive information about the trip and the organizers, and other information provided for in this Agreement and current legislation of Ukraine.


4.1 . In the event of any breach of this contract by the Organizer, the Customer has the right to demand the return of funds paid for services not provided, subject to the requirements of paragraph. 3.2 of this contract.

4.2. In case of failure of the Organizer of the execution of this agreement, the Customer is entitled to compensation for proven documented losses caused due to the termination of the contract, except when it happened because of the client.

4.3. If the client cant enter the territory of the zone due to improper design or obtain a passport and/or documents, but not the achievement of 18 years of all financial Trip cancellation and travel costs paid for by the customer.

4.4. The organizer is not responsible for and does not cover the financial costs of the Client for paid services if the client during their stay on the road for its decision, or in connection with their interests are not taken advantage of fully or partially paid services, and will not reimburse the client the costs that go beyond the services, in connection with this contract.

4.5. Organizer is not responsible for the cancellation or change of departure time or arrival of vehicles and related changes in the volume and duration of the trip. In these cases, the responsibility of the Client in accordance with the rules of carriage of passengers are appropriate transport companies and other third parties in accordance with the law. In case of refusal of the Customer from a trip fare is non-refundable.

4.6. Organizer is not responsible for the safety of luggage, valuables and documents of the client throughout the entire travel period.

4.7. The organizer shall not be liable if the decision of the authorities or individuals Customer refused entry or exit opportunities as a result of violations of the law or for other reasons beyond control of the organizer of the action.

4.8. In case of untimely execution of Client's obligations hereunder, the Promoter is not responsible for late and/or incomplete performance of services under this contract.

4.9. twice the cost of the trip Organizer's liability is limited.

4.10. The customer has the right to withdraw from the implementation of this agreement prior to the trip, subject to the Organizer of the actual cost of payment for the services actually rendered to an error in the implementation of this agreement, including, but not limited to - Order value of the ordered services. Failure to provide clients with the Organizer in writing.

4.11. In case of refusal of the Customer from the trip no later than 21 days prior to departure, no penalty shall be imposed on the client. The organizer returns the amount paid by the customer before the cost of travel for the commission of the servicing bank, with the exception of.

- When Client refusing to go in the period from 20 to 12 days before the trip, the funds that were paid to the Organizer in accordance with the account shall be returned to the Customer with deduction of a penalty of 25 % of the cost of the trip;

- When Client refusing to go from 11 to 7 days before the trip, the funds that were paid to the Organizer in accordance with the account shall be returned to the Customer with deduction of a fine of 75 % of the cost of the trip (does not apply to promotional trip at a discounted price);

- When Client waives trip for 7 days or less prior to departure, the funds that were paid in accordance with the invoice is not the organizer to be returned to the Client (hold a penalty of 100 % of the cost of the trip). This point also applies to promotional trip at a discounted price.

4.12. Іn the case, if the Client has ordered a trip as part of the group, but the minimum quantity necessary for the bundling of the group has not been collected, this Agreement can be terminated at the initiative of the Organizer without compensation to the Client for losses, provided that the Customer is notified about it not later than 3 days prior to the commencement of the trip . The fee for cancellation of an application in cases provided for by this clause of the Agreement and the cost of booking from the Client is not collected.

4.13. In the event that the Customer is not fulfilled obligations relating to the timely payment of the cost of travel (Section 2 of the agreement), as well as the obligations contained in para. 3.2 of this Agreement, in due time, travel conditions can be changed only by mutual consent of the Parties, other than in cases where such failure or delay in performance entails inability to fulfill its obligations by the Organizer, which is considered the Customer's refusal to travel, and shall attract the consequences provided by para. 4.10, 4.11. actual agreement.

4.14. Changing the conditions on a trip to the Client will be deemed a waiver of the trip, and shall attract the consequences provided for n. 4.10,4.11. actual agreement.

4.15. The organizer shall not be liable to the Client for the improper provision of services, in addition ordered and paid for them in place not through the Organizer.

4.16. V case of non-compliance by the Client and/or any of the following to him in terms of the persons specified in the travel program, transport tickets, the organizer shall not be liable to the Client for failure to perform its obligations under this contract.

4.17. The customer is responsible for the correctness and accuracy of the design provided by the organizers of the documents necessary for the organization and implementation of the trip.

4.18. The client shall bear any responsibility for his actions connected with his authority to enter into this agreement by other persons.


5.1.In case of force majeure, in which the execution of duties is impossible, namely, an increase in radiation levels in the zone, armed conflicts, natural disasters, strikes, terrorist acts, epidemic, changes in the social order, as well as other extraordinary and compelling circumstances, which are beyond the control of the parties, including the adoption of the law and/or other normative act, prohibit or restrict any - any action provided for in this Agreement, the parties are released from responsibility for failure to perform its obligations under this Agreement. At the same side for 3 - (three) days from the date as soon as it became aware of the this circumstance shall notify the other party of the occurrence, expected duration and termination of the force majeure. Terms and conditions of the trip is transferred to the end of the force majeure.

5.2.V if force majeure circumstances are more than three (3) months, the Parties reserve the right to terminate the Agreement unilaterally, provided compensation for the other side of the actual costs associated with the implementation of its obligations.


6.1. All disputes related to the execution of this agreement, the parties undertake to solve through negotiations, and in case of failure to reach agreement - in a court of competent jurisdiction.

6.2. If you have any comments on the quality of services, the Customer shall immediately notify the Organizer, and refer to the official representative of the property or other person who provides services, and, if the notes can not be resolved and eliminated on the spot, the client together with a representative of the property or other persons providing services, It must be drawn up detailing the nature of the Client's comments and actions taken to address them. This certificate shall be prepared in triplicate and must be signed by the Client and the representative of the property or person of other services provided. If the customer took advantage offered him an alternative service , the service contract is considered executed properly and the claims in this regard can not be accepted. Customer complaints are contained in writing within 14 calendar days from the end of the trip. The client is obliged to attach to the application a copy of the duly issued certificates and other supporting documents. Client claims does not notify the Organizer of comments and not confirmed by the official representative of the property or other service person providing the Client and executed unilaterally considered to be unfounded.


7.1. The Agreement shall enter into force upon its conclusion.

7.2 . The Agreement is terminated the Parties fulfill their obligations in accordance with its terms or by agreement of the parties.

7.3. Each of the parties may require amendments to the Agreement or termination of the Agreement before the trip due to the substantial change of circumstances from which they came at the conclusion of the Agreement as - That:

7.3.1. Significant deterioration of travel conditions change travel dates;

7.3.2. Unexpected increase in transportation tariffs;

7.3.3. The introduction of new or increase existing taxes, fees and other mandatory payments;

7.3.4. A sharp change in the rate of national currency;

7.3.5. Other grounds stipulated by this agreement.


9.1. This Agreement is made in Russian and is in electronic form. Confirmation of execution of this contract are the actions of the Client to pay for all or part of the amount specified in the Organizer's account.

9.2. The terms of this Agreement may be amended and supplemented only by mutual consent with the mandatory drafting a written document.

9.3. By signing this Agreement the Client confirms that acts voluntarily, on their own, he has the authority to sign the agreement on behalf of all persons following the Customer that he and the person next to him acquainted with all the information in relation to conditions of service.

9.4. The organizer shall inform the Customer information provided for in this agreement, by means of communication specified in the application. If not specifically stated, the Client communication tool is its e-mail address registered with the system of on-line payment and booking. Customer acknowledges that it bears all the risks associated with failure to notify the Customer at the indicated means of communication.

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