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Polish developers will release a new horror game about Chernobyl

Imagine yourself a physicist, a former employee of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, who is investigating the disappearance of his beloved and gets back into the Zone... This is the plot of the new horror game based on the Chernobyl disaster. The developers from the Polish studio "The Farm 51" released a trailer for their new project "Chernobylite". The game in the science fiction genre offers gamers to explore the world of the station after a man-made disaster, to lead complex battles and move on a non-linear plot. The events of the plot entirely depend on the decisio ...

Tests in Chernobyl
Tests in Chernobyl: how the system reacts to radioactive leaks PHOTO

The preserved Chernobyl nuclear power plant is “under attack” - engineers test the insulation capabilities of the Shelter-2 facility in conditions that most closely resemble real emergency situations. Experts imitate emergency situations over a destroyed power unit and check how the system reacts to them, the State Agency for the Management of the Exclusion Zone reports. Testing began in mid-January. The main locations are a block of liquid radioactive waste, and there are placements under the Arch, areas where the staff works. During testing, as close as possible to eme ...

History of Chernobyl

Maybe, in the minds of most people the word "Chernobyl" is associated with "Black" and "pain". These two roots that make up the name, and pushing to search they have a hidden meaning, a warning, a sign. Have those who founded ever thought about this did the city give him that name? Could you foresee that such a name is not the most good for the city? Or is it already us, from the height of historical experience and established circumstances are these signs seen? Let's get outside of.  After ChNPP disaster in addition to researching its objective cau ...

view of Chernobyl from a height
Exclusion Zone. The disaster at Chernobyl. Curious and unknown data.

Since the moment of the most terrible technogenic accident of the twentieth century about 33 years have passed we are talking about the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. As a result of what happened on April 26, 1986, the entire planet knew the danger of the so-called "peaceful" atom. After the expiration of so many years, the society began to forget a little about the Chernobyl disaster. Consequently it would not be superfluous to refresh the memory of the consequences of the accident find out how the so-called exclusion zone exists today and also reveal a number of unk ...

wild nature in Chernobyl
Marvelous creation of the Chernobyl exclusion zone

Mutation is a persistent change in the genotype of an organism, which occurs under the influence of an external or internal environment and can be inherited by the descendants of a mutated organism. After the accident at the Chernobyl in 1986 mutations were caused by radiation emissions frightened people. Although by the way all the inhabitants of the planet are exposed to certain radiation exposure from natural sources to a greater or lesser extent. Accordingly, it causes certain gradual changes (mutations) in the organisms of all living beings. This is normal. After the Cher ...

radar station
ZGRLS "Duga” (Moscow eye)

Our program of visiting the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone has a lot of stunning locations. Abandoned houses, remnants of equipment that struggled with the consequences of the accident, desert parks, evacuated villages, power units themselves and a lot of art confederates from the past. People left here everything that they had and for 30 years not much has changed here. All these things and kinds of excite creation of unreal.  But one object is particularly impressive and at the same time all. This was once the secret over-the-horizon complex of the Duga radar systems. Few people know that ...

Ghost Town Pripyat

There are a lot of places on the planet abandoned by man. Shafts, towns, whole cities ... All of them cause rather dark feelings. But here the situation is special ... Pripyat is a small town in our Ukrainian Polesye, has become a world famous monument to a terrible catastrophe. It was Pripyat and was not Chernobyl contrary to popular belief, that suffered the most from the Chernobyl accident. Chernobyl is located 15 km from the power station, and Pripyat is only two. Former locals recall that from the roof of the 16th floor an explosion and a fire were visible and heard on April 26th. W ...